As a Canine Behaviourist  I deal with unwanted/problem behaviours. Aggression. Reactivity in dogs. Over excited dogs. Jumping up at the door with visitors. Nuisance barking. Puppy house training. Biting and nipping.

Separation anxiety.

Lead pulling.

House Training Problems.


Any many more!!


Qualified Dog Behaviourist

Dog Training



Approved Trainer for

Veterans with Dogs

Please note during the Covid 19 period it may not be possible to visit the house to do a usual consultation.

However I am offering telephone/skype consultations where applicable. Please enquire.

Please note I now require all telephone consultations to be paid up front before the consultation. I did not want to have to put this in place, but some people just cannot be trusted to pay via the arranged terms and conditions.

Thank you and stay safe.

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