Dog Behaviourist. BCCSDip.AdvCanBhv. BCCSDip.CanHlth&Nut.



My name is Janet and I am a qualified Dog behaviourist. I have completed an Advanced level 4 Diploma in Canine Behaviour with the BCCS. (British College of Canine Studies.)  I have also completed a Diploma in Canine Health and nutrition. And also a Certificate in Holistic Health for Dogs. BCCS courses are accredited and approved by PETbc. I am fully Insured.

I am fully committed to ongoing personal development and continually develop my skills and knowledge base.

You can check my qualification by following this link.

I am also an approved Trainer for Veterans with dogs.

The dog industry is very much unregulated and many advertise they are a behaviourist or trainer with no qualifications at all! I would advise everyone to check that people do have a qualification and insurance in place before booking.

I have owned dogs for as long as I can remember, over 40 years, I have taken in and worked with problem dogs that people no longer wanted to own, as a child I grew up around lots of dogs as my mother used to breed dogs. I also have owed horses for over 40 years, and worked with them for over 20 yrs. I ended my equine career earlier than I would of liked due to health reasons, it is then I started to turn my attention more to the canine side of things, with a particular interest in behaviour. As a behavioural therapist my main aim is to improve the all-round relationship between dog and owner, improve effective communication and understanding of dogs. This is an invaluable service for people who are aware they have problems with their dogs but just don’t know where to start in relation to stopping unwanted behaviours from developing in the first place and also to deal with established undesirable behaviours. I am positive based and my methods are kind and non punishing, I do not use harsh training methods, it is totally unnecessary, I use lots of positive reinforcements, counter conditioning and desensitisation, amongst other methods within my work.

I offer 1-1 consultations as a dog behavioural therapist. This involves a detailed analysis of any unwanted/problem behaviours your dog may be exhibiting. After careful evaluation I will recommend a plan to help the owner manage and rectify their dog’s behaviour. I will also continue to support the owner if necessary to give them the skills needed to succeed. There is no point being shown how to do something, and not having the confidence and skills to then carry on the good work, so part of my job is working with the owners, if necessary, not just the dog.

During covid 19 in house consultations may not be possible, please enquire.

Please feel free to call me for a chat if you would like any further clarification or just want to ask any further questions. please note if I do not answer I may be with a client, please text or email, I will get back to you.