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Dog Behavioural Therapy Consultations.

Please note during the Covid 19 period it may not be possible to visit the house to do a usual consultation.

Telephone/skype consultations are going ahead where applicable. Please enquire.

Thank you and stay safe.

I do prefer for people to call or email and discuss regarding prices, the reason for this is that each set of circumstances are unique. Some owners have just 1 problem they want to work on and are very happy with all other aspects of the dogs behaviour, but for some the problems are numerous and can link together and be very complex.

Initial Consultations includes me travelling to your house spending between 2-4 hours with you and your dog, where a detailed analysis will be done. Any concerns and questions will be looked into and implementations put in place.

Please note - Dogs who bite, or have bitten may need to be muzzled during a consultation.

Payment Details

Payment for all consultations, and rabbit/guinea pig boarding are to be made on the day of the consultation, or animal drop off, by direct bank transfer or cash.

Please note I now require all telephone consultations to be paid up front before the consultation. I did not want to have to put this in place, but some people just cannot be trusted to pay via the arranged terms and conditions.


Rabbit Guinea Pig Boarding Prices

1 Rabbit                                                               £8.00 per day      

2 Rabbits in same housing                               £8.00 per day                                                    

1 Guinea Pig                                                        £6.00 per day      

2 or 3 Guinea Pigs, in same housing               £8.00 per day  

1 Giant Rabbit                                                     £8.00 per day

4 days minimum boarding unless by prior arrangement.   

Prices include bedding and hay and daily greens, owners are to bring animal’s current dried food and any toys/beds/treats they wish to. Your animals will be checked throughout the day.

Our Rabbit and Guinea Pig hutches are roomy, based at my home, in a secure, clean indoor stable block. All of our Hutches have runs attached. All equipment and cages disinfected between use with veterinary recommended disinfectant.

Drop off and pick up times by arrangement only. We close at 7 pm in the evenings no drop off and pick ups after this time please.

We are closed Sundays. 

Bank Holidays - Drop off/pick up by arrangement.

Animals will still be boarded at these times but we do not have pick up or drop off's on Sundays. Thank you for your

understanding and support.

Payment Details

Payments for small animal boarding must be made at the time your animals are dropped off.


We accept no liability in the unlikely event that your pet becomes ill or passes away whilst staying at our premises. All pets are left entirely at owners risk.

We accept no liability for injury sustained by you whilst on our premises.






Tel 07805894534


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